Antonamic Engineering LLC 

is a MICHIGAN BASED engineering consultancy company offering services in Additive Manufacturing, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping AND Authorized Zortrax  Reseller 

Antonamic Engineering LLC focuses on key market sectors and offers, but is not limited to the following services: 

• 3D model making / parts design


• Scanning and Reverse Engineering


• 3D printing/ Additive Manufacturing: 

*Individual quote provided per print file 

• SALES OF Zortrax 3D printers and Accessory 



Manifolds / Handles 

Custom Supports

Support Rod / Shim

Slide Blocks 

before on the left 

After on the right 

made with Zortrax Z-Hips on  M300 PLUS

Support Feet 

Mr. Z from The Zortrax Superhero turned to a usable Motorcycle face mask 

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